Log Lodges

Sue | February 25th, 2012 - 1:52 pm

Log lodges are any that are built from log or timber materials. Then there are several smaller log building for rentals. The log lodges should have at least one large solid log building with an impressive design.

The other building are set back further from the road and back up to the Gallatin River behind.  The Rocky Mountains also frame in this log lodge in the rear. The small log cabins in the center of the photo are single family units with covered porches on the front. The long low building to the right rear is a longer building with several doors.

Also of notice from this aerial photo is the way the building match one another. The log and wood theme is continued throughout the buildings. Also all of the buildings except for the one with the white roof, all have matching colored metal roofs.

Log log duplex models are arranged with two separate units under one shared roof. Usually it is less expensive to build a duplex than two separate units. The separate cabin units are not able to share interior walls with other units. A duplex log cabin requires the same number of corners –4, as a small single unit cabin.

Log lodges are seen not only here in the Rocky Mountain west, but in as far flung places as Europe, Chile, Hawaii, to name a few. The use of logs is a concept that has been used in the history of many countries. The class that log homes have achieved has been earned through game changing log buildings like the Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park, the Round Log Wings, and other buildings which were designed at the turn of the century. No longer were log cabins only associated with crude frontier dwellings. The craftsmanship came to be recognized through structures like these.

Log lodges should also be built to reflect either their surroundings or the overall motif that that the owners are creating through the decor and name of the lodge. One large log home was designed for a small Caribbean island. A rugged western red cedar flared log home style was chosen. But then in keeping with the tropical area a two story log turret was added in the center. It was eight sided and with a peaked top. It looked like a light house or tower extending upwards to gain a better view of the wide ocean scape at the edge of the property.

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