Two Uses For A One Room Log Cabin

Sue | February 26th, 2012 - 2:18 pm

When I see the words “One Room Log Cabin” a picture of the cabin Abraham Lincoln was born in. Today most of our cabins are a good bit bigger than that humble beginning of a great man. There are actually two uses for a one room cabin that come to mind, one use is for a small cabin and the second is for a conference hall.

So first let’s look at the Mule Deer. The first floor of this cabin can be used as a combined kitchen, living room, dining room. Then the full loft can be used as a bedroom. To sleep more people a bed or fold out sofa can be added to the great room. The skylights add more natural light to the upstairs level.

24x24 cabin outside

For a small one room cabin any of our plans can be modified to include no interior walls. One cabin we designed recently was a 24×36 without any interior log walls. There was a support post in the center of the first floor. The owners are planning to finish the interior of it slowly over time.

Now let’s look at the log conference building idea. One subdivision in Ennis, Montana has a small club house that is available for any of the property owners to use. It has a fully equipped kitchen, a table and chairs area, and also a sitting area around the stone fireplace. This open room is very useful to the owners when they want to host a party or reunion and don’t have enough room within their own home.

Many resorts and parks have a separate one room building for a conference hall. We are able to build to any specifications so all sorts of buildings have been designed over the years. One lodge built several small log cabin kits cabins with a larger log building in the center which served as a center cafe with a laundry mat on rear of the building.

Open spaces in a log building can have many different uses. Actually our Post and Beam style offers wider clear spans than the stacked log is capable of.

A one room log cabin is more versatile than you may have thought. Everyone desires something different that is customized to meet their needs. The single room log cabins have also served as portable cabins, kitchens such as our Chuck Wagon plan is designed, coffee shops, or even small offices.

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