What to Look For in Log Home Kits For Montana

Sue | February 22nd, 2012 - 3:34 pm

So many log homes have have a look and feel that makes people stop and take notice. This aura, allure, magnetism– if you will– has to do with a few attributes. The logs themselves are such a step away from the standard construction. The designs are also notable with walls of trapezoid windows, prow fronts, and exposed log roof logs. There is marked difference between a cheap log home kit where no eye is paid to beauty and our log cabin kits for Montana- and elsewhere.

big log home great room

The first essential is the logs themselves. All of our logs are first premium. We do not use cabin grade logs. Some materials that other companies build into their kits we simply will not even purchase. To us it is substandard, so why would we use it in our homes? One log home that was built from cabin grade logs from back east provided some major challenges for the builders. Some of the wall logs were bowed. To screw them into place the builder had to press on the center of the log with a forklift while the bolts were being screwed into place.

Another feature that make our log home kits better is the moisture content of the logs. Logs are either kiln dried or dead standing. Lower moisture means less shrinkage after the log home is built. But it should be remembered that handcrafted log homes have a higher moisture content that milled log homes. This is not a factor to be feared. Instead it is planned for in the blueprint stage.

The second essential for log cabin kits is the wood species. For our handcrafted log homes right now our most popular is the Western Red Cedar. The rich red hues, deep hearts, and grains of the cedar cannot be imitated by any other species.

Another lovely wood species is Douglas Fir. It also has a lovely characteristic color and superior strength. Douglas Fir is only available in the Pacific Northwest, so other log home companies have to ship in it to their yards if they are located elsewhere in the United States or Canada.

Lodge Pole Pine is another wood species that should not be overlooked. I have seen some lovely log homes built from Lodge Pole Pine. Did you know that the Old Faithful Inn, which is now over 100 years old, is built from Lodge Pole Pine? Amazing.

So take some time to browse through our photo galleries and floor plans. There is an endless array of options that you can built into log cabin kits for Montana. Our homes are not only found in Montana, but across the United States and even internationally. Log cabin kits prove beauty is truly timeless and border-less.

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