The Smallest Log Cabin Kit

Sue | January 26th, 2012 - 9:00 am

The smallest log cabin kit would have to be the Chuck Wagon. This one is built of nine inch diameter milled logs. This little cabin was built on a flatbed trailer in our yard. Then it was delivered to its destination. Sometimes this little cabin would be considered a mobile cabin.

The Chuck Wagon log shell has four exterior log walls, solid log gables, log ridge beam, log purlins, log support posts on the covered porch, and log railing. The floor plan shows the interior is designed as a kitchen. The Chuck Wagon can handle all of the cooking needed for gatherings at the ranch.

Chuck Wagon log cabin plan side view

Let’s take a peak at the floor plan now. To allow more clearance on each side for being transported the log corners were shortened from twelve inches down to six inch long tails. The nine inch thick logs give a little more presence than the seven or eight inch diameter logs. The floor plan has a double sink at the top, a refrigerator on one side, and the range on the other. There is also a dishwasher to the right of the sink. Wall cabinets and base cabinets are both in use here.

chuck wagon floor planA small table and two chairs are also tucked into the corner by the door. What cook doesn’t want to have a place to sit down, at least for a minute. Also the table can be used for more space for cooking.

The small covered porch is a nice place to site and enjoy the outdoors. Also the covered porch could be set up with tables for serving a pot luck style or picnic dinner.

For some another good use for this little cabin is to leave it all open and outfit it with some bunk beds, table, and a few chairs. A bath could be added across the back instead of leaving it just open.

Small log cabin kits are so cute, but they do get expensive. The log shell still requires the same number of log corners but there is less square footage over which to spread the cost. If you were totally finishing this cabin it would still have to have a furnace of some kind, electric hookups, outlets, light switches, a hot water tank, etc. So just because it is small does not mean it is inexpensive, unfortunately. The log shell, for instance, instead of costing between $25 and $30 per square foot can range up into the $45 per square foot pretty quickly. One way to help lower the log shell cost is to go with a random length log. Please call us for pricing if a small log cabin kit is in your future.

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