Small Cabins for Full Time Homes

Sue | January 27th, 2012 - 6:45 am

A home does not have to be huge to still meet your needs. Often we have retired people purchase small cabins to serve as their full time homes. The most common plans which are chosen are the Alaska, Ponderosa, El Paso, and Hunter. These cabins have a very livable floor plan, just simply on a smaller scale. These cabins become like little treasures or ‘jewel boxes’. Small, lovely, and capitalizing on quality.

little log cabin in the snow

To some a small cabin is just a place to get out of the weather. I have seen cabins that were little more than a shack. But that is not the case with any of our cabins. Our cabins are just smaller elegant log homes. The handcrafted log style adds a lot to the homes as well. The large logs of up to 15 inches are so attractive. Adding decks, covered porches, and balconies also extends the square footage of the cabin to out of doors.

When choosing a log cabin to serve as your full time home, some essentials are a first floor bedroom, small kitchen, one full bath, some closet space, and a great room area. An open loft becomes appealing if you will have company coming to stay. A loft can be finished with buck beds, a fold out sofa, or other furniture that can maximize the sleeping space.

Another log cabin plan that has been a popular choice is the Mule Deer. This is a modified A frame cabin plan. The outside is so appealing, but it is SO tiny. The first floor is entirely open with a half loft above. If you want a bed on the first floor you would have to include it with the main room. This is not very attractive to many. So a good solution is to take the outside elevations of the the Mule Deer and make the floor plan larger. Instead of the tiny 20×18 foot print, we can enlarge it to 24×24 and have a lot more room.

If you look at the below plan, this is the first floor of the El Paso cabin. It is designed with a large great room, nice size bedroom, and kitchen. The upstairs is limited to an open loft, so there is no reason someone has to go upstairs. This cabin is an overall size of 24×36. So don’t be limited with just what you see. Instead focus on the elevations that you like and the items that you need within the plan. Then we can draw something to match both.

el paso 98 first floor

So use your imagination. If you don’t want to have to clean a larger home, then one of our small cabins might be just for you. The use of space can be maximized and the heating and cooling bills will be substantially less than a larger home.

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