Large Log Homes with Style

Sue | October 21st, 2011 - 10:27 pm

For those who have always dreamed of building large log homes with style but have had their plans sidelined by the current economy, we have some advice for you. The main thing we want to convey to you is, “Don’t give up your dreams!”. This economy has been hard on many of us, but it has also had some benefits. One benefit is with less customers buying and building homes some of the lower quality providers have been purged from the market. What do I mean? …

Colorado log home with mountains

Back in 2005, 2006, 2007 building was booming across the country. Here in Montana there were spec houses, new log homes, timber frames, stick built homes, and more popping up all over the place. One contractor that I met recently spent his entire time running crews in Big Sky Montana that were coming behind large contractors and cleaning up their messes. A list of items that are not finished or need attention are called a ‘punch list’. Many of the big builders could not be bothered to come back and provide top quality customer service to their customers. So other general contractors were picking up where they left off.

Another benefit for large log home owners is that some lower quality log home companies are no longer in existence. Yes, some good companies also fell short due to finances, not product quality, but more than one cabin grade log supplier is no longer here. So this benefits the customers because there is less ‘chaff’ to sort through before finding high quality homes, such as our log cabin kits.

Can I be so bold as to introduce a third benefit? Well, to me a third benefit is that some of our top builders are no longer booked two or more years in advance. When the log home industry was moving with a lot of steam behind it some of the best builders we knew were so busy that they simply put customers on waiting lists. There are only so many good builders out there and if they are not available then lesser avenues have to be explored or new builders trained. So I believe less homes to build has helped the consumers.

A fourth benefit is that log home companies have reduced some of their prices. For our company we are able to offer the best discounts for those choosing to build a large handcrafted log home and are willing to go ahead and schedule with us. What could you do with, let’s say, $15,000? Or how about $22,000?? Right now on my deck in front of me are two quotes for handcrafted log shells on homes over about 2000 square feet and that is the discount applied to the quote. That is some serious money!

So don’t hesitate to go ahead and at least give us a call. If you have been sitting on your hands and sitting on your cash, then turn it into some reality. Think about it, but don’t wait too long, we are already seeing some of the prices for both smaller log cabins and the large plans climbing for 2012.

Cowboy Log Homes,

Any projected costs, cost estimates, material costs, and estimated construction/ building costs, are only the opinion of Cowboy Log Homes and are drawn from our experience. Every home is custom tailored to meet our individual client's wants and desires. The construction of a log or timber home is based on two primary costs: material provided by the log home company and construction costs contracted with Cowboy Log Homes as the builder or another builder of the customer's choice. Final costs are obtained and contracted with each respectively. Cowboy Log Homes is simply the "glue" that helps bring these two together to provide a final culmination of a customer's project. * Please note photos and elevations may differ some from accompanying floor plans.
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