Large Log Homes Connecting to Attached Garages

Sue | October 22nd, 2011 - 9:28 am

Often we are asked, “Can you build log garages?” Yes! We can build garages.  Most of the time customers who desire a large log home want a connecting attached garage. There are a few ways to make this work. The first avenue is to use part of a full basement for a garage. If one or more sides can be exposed  as a daylight basement then a garage can fit right in. A garage is usually at least 24×24 or 28×28. So if the main footprint of the large log home is 40×60 then there is no problem fitting a garage in.

Another popular option is to attach a garage to the home. But I will address this later…

Often we are asked, “What styles of garages you can build?” — We can build anything you can dream of! Really, over the years there is nothing that we haven’t been asked to do.  Though all projects are special to us, those that require special engineering, has extra flairs, or intricate craftsmanship are fun to us.

Often we are asked, “How large of a garage can you build?” — Anything from a simple two car garage to one that houses 50 or more cars. The largest log home garage that we were asked to build was for a private collector in California that wanted a place to house his collection of vintage cars, race cars, speed boats, motorcycles, and other motorized toys. It was built from handcrafted logs to match the massive log home and had garage doors almost all the way around it so that he could take out any vehicle without moving another one. Also he had a mechanic area built onto one end.

Colorado log home front

Now what about attaching a garage to a large log home? This can be done by either sharing a log wall with the house, such as in our Stonegate Design with attached garage  log home plan or by adding a breezeway to the garage, such as the El Paso log home plan offers. The choice is up to the homeowners. Typically the lay of the land will partially dictate how the garage is attached, and secondly the cost of what the owners choose to spend. The Summit log home plan Creek was built on a hillside and the breezeway was angled so that the contour of the hill could be followed.

So don’t be afraid to add a connecting log garage to your large log home. If you can’t afford to build the house and garage at the same time, be sure to plan for a future garage in your preliminary drawings. This makes the addition much easier later on. For small log cabin kits garages can also be added.

Cowboy Log Homes


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