How Cabin Plans with Lofts Can Be Used For Ranch Style Log Homes

Sue | January 19th, 2012 - 4:04 pm

When looking for single level floor plans in log homes there is a simple way to add many more plans to your selection. By simply looking at cabin plans with lofts and not calculating in the open loft area, the plan becomes a ranch style. Let’s take a look at several of our standard plans and list the ones with which this scenario works.

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Most log home plans are not considered complete without an open loft. Even in small cabins the desire to capitalize on the open wooden roof space is alluring. Most standard house plans would never think of a loft, but cabins are a different vintage building and the lofts are simply part of the composition of them. One thing to realize though with an open loft is that there is nothing else up there. Only open space. The loft in larger plans is usually limited to over part of the main living section of the home. Usually the kitchen and dining areas are those which are tucked under the shadow of the half loft. To allow for the loft, the great room section of the home has a higher roof line with a steeper pitch. Most have a 10/12 or a 12/12 pitch. Even with this steep slope the living space of a loft is not all usable. The narrow angled sides with a head room of four feet down to the floor are still calculated in the total square foot price, but the head room is so low that that space not very useful.

log home loft office

Now for the plans that fit into our new category:

~Cabin Plans with Lofts Minus Open Loft Square Footage~

Plan                   First Floor Square Footage

Bobcat                         320

Mule Deer                 400

Panther                   400

Cowboy                      576

Juniper                      576

Lodge Pole                576

Colt                            624

Pony                           672

Spruce                       672

Alder                          768

Chateau                     768

Mustang                    768

Bridger                      864

El Paso                      868

Santa Fe                    884

Big Timber             1,280

Zephyr                    1,328

Montana                1,456

Shining Mountains 1,646

Cameron                1,656

Raven                     1,792

Sand Point            1,908

Oregon                   1,990

Forester                 2,152

Idaho                      2,242

Meadowlark          2,352

Thunder Bay         2,424

Bear Creek            2,688

Palisades               2,803

Cascade                 2,834

Lone Star              2,894


All of these plans have between one and four bedrooms on the first floor. To economize a bit it is also possible to lower the roof line of the section with the open loft. Since there is no living space up there a 9/12 roof pitch is fine instead of the 12/12. A lower roof pitch requires less roofing.

Since we are at this already let me go ahead and give a list of our single level ranch style log home plans.

january 1st log homes photos

~Ranch Style Log Cabin Plans~

Plan                    First Floor Square Footage

Lariat                       320

Maverick                 400

Trapper                   480

Outfitter                  576

Buffalo                     672

Kodiak                     745

Wilderness             745

Grizzly                     786

Hunter                     864

Alaska                      868

Explorer                  868

Denali                      968

Boulder                 1,248

Creekside              1,344

Canyon                   1,344

Stonegate               1,568

Spanish Peaks       1,616

Lone Mountain     1,616

Canyon Ferry         1,616

Gold Creek              1,656

Frontier                   1,664

Edgewood               1,728

Alpine                      1,740

Durango                 1,740

Breckenridge         1,924

Deer Creek             1,984

Wisconsin              1,992

Centennial             2,072

Summit                  2,084

Elk Creek               2,128

Dakota                   2,172

Moose Creek         2,180

Big Horn                2,240

Westerner              2,350

Sunrise                    2,352

Carolina                   2,424

Caribou Creek        2,688

Seeley Lake             2,784

Roundup                  2,834

Canadian                 2,894

Washington           2,898

Pacific                      4,536

And of course we always offer custom designs.  Custom log homes can be a complete new idea or a modification of an existing plan. It is not hard to add a few feet, take out a wing, add a log garage, or remove a loft to make the home fit within your budget. We are here to not only offer outstanding log homes, but also to help our customer zero in on the design that will satisfy them for years and years to come.

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