When Your Log Home Dreams Feel Far Away…

Sue | October 17th, 2012 - 9:47 pm

Log homes are a dream that many people have awaited for many years. For some, with the down turn in the economy over the last few years, this wait has been extended even further. But instead of being disheartened, and perhaps even forgetting your log cabin dream all together, let’s put this time to good use!

Yellowstone Log Home Plan From Far Away

Bear Creek Log Home Plan from Far Away

You may think, “How can you turn a stalled dream into something beneficial?”

By using the time for planning!

I have never seen a log home that had too much planning. Let’s take advantage of this extra time and put it to good use for your future log home.

Log homes are a very personal part of someone’s life. Many customers we speak to have planned, dreamed, and thought about how great their new log home will be.  So here are some low cost and cost free ways to keep your focus on your log home.

1. Keep your log home dream alive! Instead of just talking about it, write it down. Recently I took a folder and wrote “My House” in bold letters across the top. This is where I collect my inspirations. When a photo from Log Home Living catches my eye I cut it out and stick it in the folder. When a floor plan idea jumps out at me on the internet, I print it off and put it in the folder. If I run into a contractor that I think might be helpful I ask for a business card and I put it in the folder. If I get a store flier that has a product that I want for our new log home I — put it in the folder. Don’t let your ideas become lost.

2. Make a scrap book of your log home ideas. This is the second step to point one. Take those ideas and organize them. For a few dollars you can purchase numbered tabs to insert into your loose leaf note book. Three hole punch the sheets of paper in your folder and then organize them into sections. One section might be outside elevation photos. Another section could be ranch floor plans. The third could bare the name, “Porches”. In my scrap book I have these titles, “Log Home Plans Single Level”, “Outside Photos”, “Great Rooms”, “Kitchen Ideas”, “Contractor Business Cards”, “Bids and Estimates”, etc.

3. Go ahead and mark up log home plans with what you like and hate! If you have some flat floor plans that you like, circle the features that appeal to you. And also cross out anything you don’t like in the floor plans. If you have a particular log home plan you are interested in contact the company that built it and ask from more photos and the home’s floor plan. Put your floor plans in order with your favorite on top.

4. Put a photo of the log cabin you love on your computer desktop. One time we had a lady come for a log home meeting. She sat down at the table and opened her laptop. There on the screen was our Montana Plan.  She actually had this log home photo saved to her desktop for two years before she was ready to come for a meeting.  Seeing something everyday can help keep one’s focus on the goal– your own log home!

Montana Log Home Plan

5. Go ahead and interview log home builders and companies. Instead of waiting until later, go ahead and start calling and emailing. See how the log home companies level of service seems from day one. See if emails are returned. Analyze the quality of answers you receive. Bare in mind that builders and companies can be busy out in the field so it may take a few days to hear back from them. It is not that the company is not interested in you, they may just be swamped or out of town the day you call or email.

6. Maximizing your log home budget. Planning helps to maximize your budget. It helps to put emphasis on the things you have to have while putting the rest of the ideas into perspective. Adding “future rooms” to your floor plan can allow you to build just what you need while still planning for rooms that can be fully finished later.

If you are among the many who have seen their log home dreams delayed, don’t loose heart. You are not alone. Instead, I encourage you to take these ideas and use this time to your advantage! Capture your dreams! Don’t let them feel far away.

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