Transforming Small Log Homes with Small Cabin Plans

Sue | November 30th, 2011 - 4:27 pm

Though this title sounds redundant, it is in fact what we do quite often for our customers. A small log home can be very simple, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s what I mean…

Small log cabin plans are designed, arranged, and drawn to make the most of all the space in the home. Also, some have flairs which make for a nice addition to any home. For this article we will look at the Colt, Hunter, Cowboy, and Mule Deer.

The Mule Deer is the smallest, at only 620 square feet. But within its tiny body exists a small great room, kitchen, full bath with shower, and a sleeping loft. To make all of this fit into a mere foot print of 20×20 one option was the use of a ladder instead of a full staircase to reach the loft. For a remote hunting cabin, this works well. One family the purchased this cabin for their Tennessee hunting property liked it because it was not big enough for other hunters to try to squeeze into the cabin with them. The Mule Deer also has an attractive outside profile complete with the trapezoid windows in the gable end. One nice addition to this plan would be a 3/4 loft and an upper balcony on the front.

24x24 cabin outside

Mule Deer Log Cabin Plan

The Cowboy log cabin is the second in our progression of tiny log cabin kits. This one is 864 square feet and comes complete with a small but very livable floor plan. This one resembles a small home instead of just a cabin. The floor plan is tight and consistent. A full staircase can be used in this plan. The open loft can double as a second bedroom. Extra storage is also available under the staircase. The feature in this plan which someone may want to carry over to a small log home is the actual floor plan itself. For a small plan, this one has lots to offer.

10 inch log cabin summer

Cowboy Log Cabin Plan

Continuing by size, the Hunter log cabin is our next selection. This is a nice plan with 864 square feet. Designed with two bedrooms, an interior log wall, and a reasonable sized kitchen this cabin has become one of our customers’ all time favorites. I believe with this plan though, the real allure and attraction is gained by the heavy log beams on the front. The posts and roof system beams are 10 or 12 inches in diameter. A basic cabin is totally transformed with this porch, rafters, and beams which look like they could support just about any snow load. I think any small log home would look outstanding with the use of heavy timbers and logs to make a dramatic statement.

Hunter Log Cabin

Hunter Log Cabin

OurĀ  last small cabin plans leads us to the Colt log home of 912 square feet. This cabin is designed with an open great room, first floor bedroom, and open loft. The footprint is only 24′ wide x 26′ deep. The features which should be focused on are things like larger 10 inch log size is very appealing. The four trapezoid windows on the gable end, and the wrap around porch are all features which lend a special touch to any log home.

10 inch log cabin finished

Colt Log Cabin Plan

So when you are choosing small log homes, don’t forget to look at the small cabin plans as well. The use of some of their secrets can help to make a simple plan more interesting, maximize space, and add some flair that could otherwise be overlooked.

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