Why Our Tiny Log Cabins Work Great for Hunting Cabins

Sue | December 21st, 2011 - 7:04 am

Mike and Black Bear

We here are Cowboy Log Homes are the 0utdoor kind of people, as are many of our customers. Land owners  are searching for small log homes, cabins, and hunting getaways. So for those enthusiasts (and us) we have developed our line of small cabins. Most companies only offer a few plans under 1000 square feet, but we feel that the desire for quality transcends the size of the dwelling. So here are some reason our tiny cabins work so well for small hunting cabins.

Rainbow Trout For Lunch!

If you own a hunting camp then you probably:

  • 1. don’t want to spend a whole lot of time building a cabin,
  • 2. would rather be hunting,
  • 3. may not have electricity on the job site,
  • 4. prefer functionality to great aesthetics, and
  • 5. hope some of your hunting buddies will feel obligated to help since you have either let them hunt with you in the past or figure they will try to move into the cabin instead of sleeping in a tent.

When time is of the essence then romantic ideas like felling y0ur own trees is out of the question. There is no time and perhaps no desire on your part to try to build something from scratch. So now your interest turns towards small cabin kits. The focus of a kit is to get everything all at once so you don’t have to spend precious spare minutes (that could be used to track down that big buck) gathering all of the components. Kits work very well. When purchasing a log cabin you can purchase either a random length log cabin package or a precut package. The precut log shell packages come with exterior door and window openings precut into wall logs. Also the corners are prenotched.

Let our second point, “I’d Rather Be Hunting” be a sign on your new cabin wall, instead of what cuts though your head while you run the chain saw to cut your logs. Hunting is what we get to do in our spare time. So don’t make building a cabin from inferior logs your pass time for a year. Besides you’ll totally miss hunting season! So to prevent this you might want to hire a log home builder to help construct the log shell at least.

For remote hunting cabins, or one’s where you simply don’t want to spend the money to tie into electric, then this can be a real obstacle when you build. Hauling a generator around is the best option. I would highly discourage you from running an extension cord from a forgotten outlet on the back side of a neighbor’s garage for power. (Though there was one job site were we saw that exact thing happen…) Electricity when you are building is a very nice amenity and can save a lot of time over only having access to only chain saws and battery powered tools.

For our fourth point, the quickest and most economical hunting cabins are the 6×8 D-log or the 7 inch Diameter Swedish Cope logs. The logs for these cabins are shorter in length than the handcrafted logs, weigh less, and serve well for hunting camps. Our handcrafted log cabins are  gorgeous and a few of our customers do purchase them for hunting and getaway locations, but the 6×8 is the most economic.

And for our fifth point, from our experience it is not very reliable to count on others who are not being paid to help on a project. Our hunting buddies seem very good at showing up after the tent is already set up, so just imagine trying to get them to stay out of your warm mini cabin! We prefer to do the work ourselves and then feel like we don’t have to let all of the other guys at hunting camp stay in the cabin. I have had a few customers purchase the little Mule Deer cabin instead of the larger Cowboy because he wanted just enough room for his wife and kids but not enough space for Tom and his buddy, Larry and his side kick, and his brother-in-laws in-laws to come and stay (I’m not sure there is any cabin big enough for some in-laws!)

And so the quest for a great tiny log cabin continues. Many hunters don’t realize that a cabin should be more than a shack. But for those who have a little more eye for quality and want an asset that will appreciate in value, then our small cabin kits are the way to go. Feel free to choose one and give us a call for a quote. We are always happy to hear from YOU!

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