Small Hunting Cabins

Sue | February 3rd, 2012 - 7:59 am

One of our more recent additions to our website was the Hunter. It fits into the small hunting cabins of under 1,000 square feet. This cabin has a low roof line, front porch, and two bedroom arrangement. The wider 10 inch diameter log ridge beam and posts add even more character to this design.

Hunter log home design

Hunter Log Cabin Design

When choosing a floor plan for a cabin, it is important to think about destination. If the weather is really cold, such as all of Alaska, then having the best equivalent R-value possible is wise. R-values are based on a standard construction wall and insulation. Instead logs possess thermal mass– the ability to store energy and then slowly release. Western Red Cedar logs offer the highest thermal mass of all wood species. One inch of log is comparable to something like 3.5 R-value. So the thicker the wall the warmer it will make the cabin.

One feature that is very nice to add to a small cabin is the large deck. It allows for out door enjoyment. It also makes the living area of the home feel larger.

24x24 cabin outside

Mule Deer Log Cabin

One feature to consider with the Mule Deer cabin is the half loft. The higher roof line and trapezoid windows are indicative of the loft over head. For this log home the logs stack to a height of about 9 feet. Then the gable end of the log home is framed in and covered with 1×6 pine tongue and groove wood siding.

A final addition that I would have added to this hunting cabin is a full basement. How many times do you have extra people want to come and spend time. If you have the Hunter plan with only two bedrooms there isn’t any extra space (such as an open loft) to put guests. So having a walk out basement would have doubled the size of this cabin for a fraction of the cost. For building in Alaska it would be important to check with local contractors in your area to see if a basement was possible. With extremely deep frost lines things may be a bit different than building here in Montana. This home was not on a full basement.

Small log cabins can be built to look attractive. Just because they are small doesn’t mean they are of any less quality than a standard log home. “Small” just refers to the overall size of these little attractive cabins.

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