Designs of Log Garages with Apartments

Sue | February 8th, 2012 - 3:28 pm

Log garages are the perfect compliment to a log home. A two car attached garage is wonderful, but if your family is like mine, you can always use more space. A good choice for this is to build a detached garage that incorporates some living space. So let’s take a look at some design options for log garages with apartments.

two story handcrafted log home

One way to transform a simple two car garage layout is to add attic trusses for the roof system. An attic truss is built with a room inside of the trusses. With a narrower garage the resulting room will have an angled roof.  The photo below shows a room above a 24×28. This 24 feet deep garage yielded a room that was about 10 feet wide. (You loose about 14 feet for the rest of each truss.) With a deeper garage the space within the truss is larger, so the angled part of the roof is removed.

Room with Attic Trusses

To gain more space in the attic room of a garage dormers are a perfect addition. In the room featured above the lower overhead makes the use of a mirror dresser, taller headboard, or tall dresser difficult. Wherever a dormer is located more vertical area is produced. The above garage has two gable dormers.

The gable dormers add a lot to both the outside appearance and the usable space inside.  An external staircase can also be added to the deck down to the ground level. A floor plan to occupy this second level with an apartment is one of our future designs.

If you property is designed with a hillside then a good design is one with a garage on the lower level and the apartment with an entrance on the other side.  With the daylight basement the garage is entered from the ground floor and the sloping ground allows for ground level entrance into the apartment. Overall this is a simple design that maximizes both levels.

The garage living quarters could then be used for guests or as an office. For those who wish to build a garage with living space before they build their log home, then the garage should be built in the same or similar style to the way they imagine their future log home.

Adding a detached log garage with apartment to any property is a nice upgrade. The space gained serves not only to shelter our ‘stuff’ but also as additional space for when company visits, the home office outgrows the corner of the living room, or someone just wants a nice quiet place to go away from the tasks of the home.

Cowboy Log Homes

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