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Sue | February 6th, 2011 - 12:36 pm

Luxury log cabins are a place that transcends the normal, everyday style of construction. It speaks of renewable elegance, uniqueness, and charm that only can be found in log cabins.

The most beautiful of all luxury log cabins is the handcrafted. The cabin to the right is a A Frame cabin made from handcrafted Pine logs. This style uses logs which retain much of their original character. Each log is hand peeled with a draw knife to reveal the deep inner secrets. As each thin strip of bark is husked away the color and life of the log appears. Machine cut logs have up to 50% of their original body carved away to make the precisely sized logs. The handcrafts instead capitalize on accenting the taper of the logs. Narrow tops and wide bases are expertly fit together to form exterior walls, saddle notch corners, and interior walls. Log posts are used for supports, post and beam work between trapezoid windows on the gable ends. Handcrafted log trusses are added for support of both cabin and soul. These is a particular thrill and charm that is generated from seeing a handcrafted log king truss or scissor truss sitting high up in the ceiling.

handcrafted log cabins

Luxury cabins can be built from Lodge Pole Pine, White Pine, Englemann Spruce, Douglas Fir, Western Larch, or Western Red Cedar. Pine and Cedar are very popular wood species.

Western Red Cedar is the king of all wood species. It is the ‘tree of life’. It remains sound for over 100 years. The natural oils in the wood repel insects, rot, and decay. With a deep, deep red color it is unmatched as the top choice of log homes.

When a cabin is built from Western Red Cedar the red color really comes through on the ends of the corners. Other places it shows up is when the outer log is cut away to form the saddle notch corners. Also around each door and window opening the logs are recessed for the finish material and trim.

One of my all time favorites is the Bridger. It is built of Pine in a modified  A frame cabin style. It is a smaller handcrafted log home plan at 1,392 square feet. The charm of this cabin is the combination of the handcrafted logs, gable dormer, and sun room.

Another secret of our logs is that everything, and I do mean every log is fully pre-cut and ready for assembly. All door and window openings, ridge beams, purl0ins, through bolt holes, log trusses, and top wall logs are all drilled, scribed, and cut as needed. The entire log cabin shell can then stack on the homeowner’s foundation in a matter of a day or two, depending on the size of the home.

There are a few more secrets that our luxury log cabin homes also possess. The first would be the predrilling and precutting of all electric box holes and wire holes. This means that the electrician does not have to cut them into the log cabin on site. Instead it is all ready on arrival. Additionally the logs are recessed around the outlets and switches for the switch plate covers.

And our handcrafted log home’s final secret would be that all log surfaces are hand sanded before they are prepared to be shipped. This buffs out marks from being handled, chainsaw marks, and other blemishes which were acquired during the crafting process.

Luxury log cabins bespeak of a cut above, a trend towards the very rustic. They are what people purchase when quality is the most important concern.

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