Luxurious Log Homes

Sue | June 11th, 2012 - 9:57 am

Luxurious log homes are far different from a small cabin or a early American homestead. Log homes which are 30 years old or more are more focused on the functional. Things like smaller windows and a compartmentalized floor plan were the norm. But for a true luxury log home you have much higher expectations.

To decide what is right for you, begin by exploring the photo galleries. If a consistent diameter milled log looks fine, then focus on that. But we have found time and again that the handcrafted log home work is what attracts the eye and says, “You’ve got to have ME!”.

Now for the features. Very seldom do you see a large log home built with milled logs. There is a two fold reason for this. The first being big logs are more impressive. And secondly, structurally some specialty design elements can only be built out of  the larger logs.

To me, this is just a big log house. This small log home make me wonder, where is the flair? Where is the character?

ranch log home with single level

Now let’s look at this home. This is lightly smaller in total square footage, but it is striking! The use of the wide trapezoid windows and 10″ diameter log shell.

10 inch log cabin finished

The first home is more of the 30 year old vintage. It is functional but not beautiful. This second rendering is both functional and has a huge WOW factor built into it.

If you are going to build a charming log home then you need to have more than just functionality in mind when you are in the planning phase. Log homes cost more than standard homes to build, so if a standard construction fills you needs, then don’t spend the extra money on a log cabin. But if your dreams are not complete without a home that transcends the norm then keep dreaming.

Many of our log home customers over the years have said that their new log home was a dream come true, a cabin that will never be sold outside of the family, and one that nearly becomes part of their identity and heritage.

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