Log Gazebos and Turrets

Sue | January 6th, 2010 - 12:56 am

In large log homes the owners desire individuality, uniqueness, and charm. To make these desires a reality often extra design features are included into the log home floor plan. Things like log gazebos, turrets, prow fronts, multiple roof lines, upper balconies, massive stone fireplaces, spiral staircases, and curved staircases are all options to transform floor plan from serviceable to lovely.

Log gazebos are usually pictured as a six or eight sided free standing structure in a garden. If you think of the Sound of Music, the garden scene with the solider and the eldest daughter getting caught in the rain, that was a gazebo they sought shelter in. Some gazebos are designed as open air, while others are enclosed with glass, as was the one in the film. The structure of the gazebo shows what is was built from. For a log gazebo a hand peeled log is used and the natural color of the log is retained.

log gazebo elevation

Log Gazebo in Handcrafted Log Home Design

When translating over to a log or timber home plan, the gazebo becomes an integral part of the floor plan. An octagonal area may be added for a dining room, breakfast nook, music room, or even a master suite. The number of sides to the room is chosen by the future use of the room and also the visual design the owners desire.

A log turret is a two story log gazebo. Fashioned after the idea of a castle turret, the log turret usually includes two floors or three. One common use for the log turret is to house a spiral staircase. Another use for a log turret is when an octagonal room is desired on the first and second floors. The ceiling of the turret can be either left flat or vaulted. The vaulted is the most attractive of choices.

To support the ceiling of the octagonal log gazebo or two story turret a complex selection of hip beams, trusses, purloins, and ridges are worked out. A scissor truss or king truss serves as the heart of the roof system, tying everything together and supporting. When the handcrafted logs are used for all the beam work the natural taper of the logs is visible and also the hand peeled finish. Traditional joinery is utilized. Sometimes metal plating is used in places. All of the cutting and shaping of the logs is done in the log home yard before the home is shipped. This makes the reassembly of the octagonal room quick and efficient.

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