Log Homes Incorporating Log Gazebo Plans

Sue | March 6th, 2012 - 4:48 pm

A touch of class is added to any floor plan with a log gazebo. We can provide log gazebo plans for either a free standing structure or a log home floor plan which incorporates a log gazebo. Several of our larger homes include these unique rooms. Post and Beam work is used to make the angled cuts necessary for this room that is constantly turning.

nevada city 47 first floor

The Nevada City log home plan has a post and beam log gazebo for the dining area. These rooms are so attractive, a place for sunlight and warmth. Often log homes are built in the North. The colder climates make these rooms really inviting. A nice addition is to add sky lighting within the gazebo. Trapezoid sky lights can be custom built for the ceiling.

The most impressive log gazebo rooms have a cathedral ceiling. A scissor truss or a king truss is built into the exposed beam ceiling to support the roof system. The exposed logs are the key in these rooms. Square timber gazebos are nice, but I personally love the round handcrafted logs.

handcrafted log roof system

The tops of the logs are flattened or pitch cut to accept the flat framing materials.

Let’s look at a log home with a radiated log gazebo built into the elevation.

big log home

This handcrafted log home has a post and beam gazebo built into the log wall. This smaller gazebo has five sides. The complexity of the roof lines also adds to this plan. An open carport is to the far left of the photo.

Log gazebos can also be built in a two story configuration. These are similar to a turret on a castle. The turret tower houses a log staircase as it spirals from one level to another. Log staircases and be four feet wide or up to eight or ten feet wide.  The wider the staircase the deeper the turret must be built.

Cowboy Log Homes

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