Top 2012 Small Cabin Plans Chosen by You, Our Customers!

Sue | January 4th, 2013 - 2:18 pm

I thought it would be very interesting to share with everyone our top small cabin plans as chosen by YOU – our customers. Within the log home world there seems to be some cabin styles that are trendy, but they pass with time. But some of our designs are popular year, after year, after year. So here are the top three picks from this year! Enjoy!

Small Cabin Plan # 3

24x24 cabin outside

Let’s start with our third top pick. This would have to be our Mule Deer. Here is a photo of this cabin plan with loft.It is designed with a 24×24 foot print. The steep roof pitch and trapezoid windows make it very attractive, sometimes being referred to as an A frame cabin plan. Often the floor plan of this cabin is rearranged a bit. The other attractive features is the open floor plan and the skylighting. This plan has eight inch diameter log walls with saddle notched corners and a square timber roof system.

Small Cabin Plan #2

Our second top pick is El Paso log home design. This one is also a milled log cabin. It is shown in the 10 inch milled log with log roof system and log support posts and header beam for the covered porch. The porch also had exposed round log rafters.

log home in snow side viewInside we see more exposed log work and the stone fireplace gracing the great room. This plan is still under 1500 square feet, weighting in at 1,152 minus the garage and breezeway.

log home great room

Small Cabin Plan #1

And our top pick (drum roll please!) is the Bridger. This one is designed in the handcrafted log style. Sometimes I talk to people about this cabin three times in a week. The magnet that attracts your eyes to this cabin I believe is the big rustic logs.  One of our California friends referred to it as a Bungalow. The logs are a 13 inch mean diameter with larger diameter roof system logs. There is also a king truss on the left end in the gable and a covered front sun room.

handcrafted log cabin with sunroom

So the tally is in and this is the lineup for 2012. We enjoy talking with your our customers. It is wonderful to watch as YOUR dreams progress, you choose your small cabin floor plan, and you order your home. We are probably almost as excited as you are when you order you home and then see the logs delivered. The rewards are boundless when people take the time to send us photos during their project and once the home is complete. The landscaping and interior decorating take that home to a fine polish!

Good Bye to 2012– We hope it was a good year for you! And Hello To 2013! We here at Cowboy Log Homes look forward to a terrific year!

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