Timber Frame Home Pricing

Sue | November 2nd, 2013 - 5:00 am

Heavy Timber Frame Home Packages:

Log Species: Douglas Fir ~ other wood species available upon request

Timber Sizes: 12×12, 10×10, 8×10, 6×10 etc. ~ larger sizes available. Timber sizes dependent on plan requirements.

Log Joinery and Style: Mortise and Tenon joinery unless otherwise noted

Timber Frame Superstructure
Timber Support Posts
Timber Floor Joists to Support Upper Level (as per plan)
Timber Roof System ~ timber ridge beam, timber purloins or timber rafters, timber trusses (king truss, queen truss, scissor truss, etc)
Timber Header Beam and Support Posts for Covered Porches or Balconies (as per plan)
Timber Staircase
Timber Railing
Timber Frame Assembly Materials
Construction Drawings
Handcrafted Log Siding
Prow Fronts
Upper Balconies
Octagonal Rooms


Typically Heavy Timber Frame  packages range between approximately $38 to $60 per square foot if the design is over about 900 square feet.  Plans under 900 square feet tend to be more costly per square foot.  Features and upgrades which tend to increase log shell pricing include:  increased timber diameter, prow fronts, octagonal rooms, timber spiral staircases, curved staircases, complexity of floor plan and roof system, etc.

For pricing please select a floor plan and submit it for a quote.

Note: Any floor plan can be built in any of the log or timber home styles we offer.


Exterior doors
First Floor Subfloor
Upper Subfloor
Exterior Door and Window Trim
Exterior Wood Siding
Exterior Framing OR SIP Panels
Interior Framing Lumber
1×6 Pine Tongue and Groove for Ceilings


Dryin materials pricing varies depending on exact package inclusions desired. The factors that makes this cost vary the most is the owner’s choice of exterior wall framing or SIP panels, exterior siding choice, exterior doors, windows, roofing, and foundation. Window and exterior door choices most commonly include: Jeld-wen, Anderson, Mill Gard, and Pella. Custom wood doors are available upon request (please see the Doors page of our website). Final roofing can be either purchased locally or be included in the package. Shingles or metal roofing can be chosen from. If a cement slab is being used for the foundation then the first floor subfloor is not needed.
Note: for exterior finishes options like stucco, stone, or a masonry products are contracted locally.

For the maximum flexibility for our customers the homeowner can choose either just the log shell package, a partial dryin package, or a more complete dryin package.


Structural Insulated Panels for Walls and Roofing (SIPS)
Log Siding
Cedar Siding
Cedar Shakes
Tongue and Groove Siding
Other Wood Siding
Support Posts extending down to walk out basement level
Exterior Log Railing
Exterior Log Staircase~Please inquire for quote on these items


Based on turnkey contracts here in Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, etc we are seeing Heavy Timber Frame homes starting out at about  $190  per square foot on a full unfinished basement. So to give a rough estimate of a full turnkey take the total square footage of the floor plan times (x) $ 190 per square foot.

Smaller timber frames under about 900 square feet tend to be higher per square foot, as there is less square footage over which to spread the cost.

Any foundation can be used, but the pricing above is based on a full unfinished basement.

This is just a rough ballpark estimate based on our experience. The unforeseeable costs are usually involved with the excavation and foundation work. Those are very job site specific. Also remote job site access can significantly increase the construction costs.

Delivery of the timber shell and material package is not included in the package prices unless specifically listed on bid sheet.

Engineering of drawings is not included. Engineering is quoted separately and usually only included if required by the locality, state, or country where the home is being built or when specifically requested by the owners.

Things not typically included in a turnkey estimate are cost of the property, well, septic, connecting to public utilities, bringing utilities to the job site, driveway, landscaping, delivery of the log package, etc. These are very job site specific and hard to estimate without seeing the property.

*Please allow approximately 12 to 14 weeks from initial deposit until delivery of your Round Post and Beam package.

Cowboy Log Homes

timber frame post and beam

Any projected costs, cost estimates, material costs, and estimated construction/ building costs, are only the opinion of Cowboy Log Homes and are drawn from our experience. Every home is custom tailored to meet our individual client's wants and desires. The construction of a log or timber home is based on two primary costs: material provided by the log home company and construction costs contracted with Cowboy Log Homes as the builder or another builder of the customer's choice. Final costs are obtained and contracted with each respectively. Cowboy Log Homes is simply the "glue" that helps bring these two together to provide a final culmination of a customer's project. * Please note photos and elevations may differ some from accompanying floor plans.
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