Choosing Solid Wood Interior Doors

Sue | March 11th, 2014 - 6:42 am

For most log home owners the love of wood and the rustic feel go beyond just the stacked logs or timber beams that provide the overall substance of the home. There is also a desire to have tongue and groove wood ceilings, hardwood flooring, and wooden doors. High cathedral ceilings and taller walls are also features of this style of construction. For this article let’s look at some solid wood interior doors that are custom built to an 8 foot height.

interior circle top arched wooden door

Most interior doors are 7 feet high. Actually the door opening is usually 82 inches high and the door itself stands 80 inches. The extra two inches provide clearance for the frame and the bottom of the door. Eight foot interior doors are about 12 inches higher than a standard door and are usually used in conjunction with an 9 foot high ceiling. When ordering custom wood interior doors it is very important to determine if you want an 8 foot high door or an 8 foot high door slab. This is where the term Rough Opening comes into play. The rough opening is how wide and tall the area is that the door and door jamb must fit into. If you have an 82 inch rough opening then you would have that much room to fit the door and jamb into.

8 foot solid wood interior doors

Sometimes in log homes we like to incorporate the taller 8 foot high interior wood doors. If you are  building a new log or timber home then you have the option of making the doors larger so the door slab itself might be designed at a full 36 inches wide and 8 feet (96 inches tall), and the door jamb would be about 2 inches wider and taller than that. It is important to map out all of this type of details with your designer before the home is built. When blueprints for a home are made they are basically the ‘gospel’. They can’t be changed. Whatever door sizes are noted on the drawings is how wide and tall the framers are going to frame your interior walls.

interior dutch doors

Different styles of interior wood doors are also attractive. For one timber home we designed and supplied 4 interior Dutch Doors. These were built with a 2 panel v groove with a cross buck pattern overlaid on the bottom section of the door. This same style was utilized for the other interior doors and two pocket doors.  Custom interior doors can also be designed with wood carved patterns, glass inserts, K brace patterns, or many other custom features.

So as you choose the finish materials of your new log home be sure to think about if you desire taller door openings and which interior wood doors might make your home more unique. The height of the vast cathedral ceilings of your log home can be further accentuated by higher and wider interior doors. If you have a certain motif that you are decorating with then some of the various glass or wood carved inserts might help to further enhance your decor.

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