Post and Beam Home Under Construction and Completed

Sue | May 9th, 2012 - 6:37 am

The Round Post and Beam style is one of the most unique style of homes we offer. A cabin or log home is a close relative of this style. Many owners that choose Post and Beam construction begin with a desire for a log home but then discover that perhaps a stacked log home is a little too much wood for them. So the medium of Post and Beam comes into view. 

Post and Beam House Plans

As do all log and timber homes, Post and Beam homes begin with a set of preliminary drawings. The drawings consist of an elevation or sketch of each side of the home and the floor plan for each level. The prelim drawings are usually about 4 or 5 pages long.

cumberland 28 first floor

This preliminary sketch shows a great room with a prow front, a breezeway, and an attached two car garage. For a post and beam home plan the log corners on the ends of the main section of the home would be removed. Also the outline of the roof is usually marked with a dotted line around the perimeter. Another classic feature of a post and beam home is the octagonal room for the dining area. Just think of the unobstructed views this room can offer the owners to experience…

loft of prow log home overlooking lake

This particular post and beam prow front uses a double beam between the upper and lower picture windows over looking the lake. The upright posts frame in between the large windows. that rest on the beams. An outrigger log comes forward from the edge of the loft to help stiffen the mid point of the prow.

Post and Beam Home Design

While we are contemplating prow fronts. I think it should be pointed out that the prow is formed by making an angled area to the great room. This angled area is not as large as if it was squared off. While that sounds entirely mundane, it is a feature you don’t always think about. This post and beam home prow is about 24 feet wide and steps out about 8 feet. This is a very usable space.

post and beam prow front handcrafted log home

Our next prow is not as usable or desirable. It is narrow. The owners can only comfortably fit two easy chairs in the great room, instead of a wide roomy great room. It does add an attractive feature to the outside elevation, but a lot is lost because it is just too narrow for a luxury post and beam home.

post and beam prowl

So as you make your decisions for your post and beam home it is important to remember what is important to you. Allow enough space for the interior. Focus on useable spaces as well as making them attractive. And let that new post and beam home design reflect your desires.

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