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Sue | August 11th, 2010 - 2:20 pm

Shipping is always a good question when considering a log home. There are several factors that should be remembered when asking this ‘loaded’ question.  We do our very best to minimize the shipping costs for our customers. The going rate right now is about $3 per loaded mile. Sometime on local builds we are able to just take the logs with us when we come to do the dryin of the log shell.

Admittedly, shipping is very hard to quote because the cost of diesel is constantly changing. Recently we shipped a handcrafted log home to Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the cost was $1,500. That was for a distance of about 278 miles. With shorter distances to ship sometimes we end up with the truck minimum charge for a day. Trucking companies which ship the handcrafted log homes are more expensive because these homes need special handling and special trailer set ups to keep the logs from being damaged in transit. When a milled log home or traditional timber frame is being transported then a regular material truck can be used. A material truck right now costs an estimated $3 per loaded mile as well.

There are a few ways to handle shipping. Depending on the location, if the log shell is crossing an international border, if the logs have to be loaded into shipping containers to be placed on a freighter, and exactly how much is being fit into a truck. A shipping cost estimate can be provided ahead of time. This way it can be worked into the overall budget of the home.

At times we do include shipping in the quote, but only if it is noted in the details of your order. Be sure to look carefully at your bid. I also try to note in your accompanying email if shipping is included. We try to inform our log home customers about what the shipping costs will be so that they are not hit with a ‘hidden fee’ before their log home arrives at their destination.

So how do companies do it who offer, “Free Shipping”? Well, as with most free things there are other ways that the customer really pays for it. Most companies simply mark up the package to cover whatever the shipping cost is. Many people hate hidden costs. In order to offer the very best value for their dollar, it is best for us and the customer to simply quote shipping separately.

There is another helpful option that we do offer customers. And that is to simply sell them whatever will fit on the truck or trucks after the logs are loaded. This can be calculated ahead of time and gives the home owner more flexibility. We truly believe that our homes are the very best on the market and worth the cost, so let us go the extra mile and custom quote a home for you.

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Any projected costs, cost estimates, material costs, and estimated construction/ building costs, are only the opinion of Cowboy Log Homes and are drawn from our experience. Every home is custom tailored to meet our individual client's wants and desires. The construction of a log or timber home is based on two primary costs: material provided by the log home company and construction costs contracted with Cowboy Log Homes as the builder or another builder of the customer's choice. Final costs are obtained and contracted with each respectively. Cowboy Log Homes is simply the "glue" that helps bring these two together to provide a final culmination of a customer's project. * Please note photos and elevations may differ some from accompanying floor plans.
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