Handcrafted Log Homes with Prows

Sue | March 15th, 2012 - 2:41 pm

Prows are one feature that many want on their handcrafted log homes. The beauty of the triangular shape with wide trapezoid windows seem to reach out to make the view part of the home itself. From the inside the prow allows light to pour in to the great room and the fading rays of a sunset to linger just a little longer as the sun sinks below the horizon.

The smallest of our handcrafted log cabins that possess this feature is the Kodiak plan. This cabin resides hidden some where in the remote reaches of the Rocky Mountains. The logs hand to be off leaded and then trucked to the site. The whole front of the cabin is devoted to the prow.

Alaska replacement 1

Kodiak Log Home Plan

The next handcrafted log home plan with a prow is the Alpine log home plan. This is designed with a prow front and single level ranch design. The prow is across the great room section of the log home.

alpine log home plan crop

The third plan with a prow in the Chalet log home plan. This plan has a prow that once again consumes the entire front of the cabin. The open loft also benefits from the view that the prow allows into the cabin.

The fourth prow we will feature today is the Crystal Lake log home plan. I love how the prow of the roof also comes out and tapers back on the sides. This plan also has two full log gable dormers and an angled front deck.

Our fifth prowed plan is the Wisconsin log home design. It is shown here in an long low ranch with the center prowl. This design could be built in either the milled or handcrafted log style.

long ranch with prow garage side

Wisconsin Log Home Rendering with Prow

The sixth plan is the Idaho log home plan. This one is shown in the handcrafted log style. The angled front steps out about six feet and is flanked on each side by the bedroom wing and kitchen wing.

handcrafted log home with prowl

Idaho Log Home

And finally the Palisades plan. This plan is a very large one and is shown in the post and beam style for the prow and stacked log wings.

Overall, prows are gorgeous but they increase the cost of the log home package. With an angle such as this more reinforcement and support is necessary, thus more expense. But in the end there is not other way to get a three D view into or out of your great room without the use of these lovely upgrades.

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