First Floor Master Suites in Log Home Plans

Sue | July 7th, 2014 - 6:30 am

Log homes for retirement are very popular. In this phase of life we feel it is wise for people to consider long term living. One important question becomes, “Do I really want to walk up and down stairs?”, or “Will I always be able to climb stairs?”. I know this is a sobering thought, but a very real one. Your focus may actually shift to log home plans with first floor master suites.

If there is no bedroom space on the first floor then post surgery, for example, you may end up sleeping in the living room. Not very appealing…

Bedroom Design in Log Home Plans

The firs thing to consider is if you want an entire master suite on the first level. A master suite includes a master bedroom, master bathroom with a shower, and walk in closet(s). Some masters suites also have a small sitting area for a TV or computer desk. Others have a private covered porch with French Doors opening out of the master bedroom or sitting area.

april 20th master bedroom

If you just can’t bring yourself to have a first floor master suite, then here are a few more ideas. Instead of just a half bath on the first floor, add a stand up shower to the bathroom. Also add a small room on the first floor, even if it is only 10×10. This room can serve as a guest bedroom or an office. Then if you ever need to sleep on the first floor you have that private space.

Open Lofts

For those who still desire the high cathedral ceilings afforded by an upstairs, consider limiting your upstairs area to just an open loft. Then you still have the aesthetics of a log staircase, log railing, and high ceilings without feeling the need to go upstairs to clean bedrooms and bathrooms.

montana kitchen 900w

Multiple Master Suites

Another avenue is to build each bedroom with a private bath. This turns each bedroom into a master suite. You could conceivably have a first floor suite and a second floor suite. More baths is always attractive when you have company, much less the luxury of a private bath for them.

There are several log home designs with first floor master suites included in our floor plan section. If a particular plan that appeals to you does not include one, it can be easily added. Be sure to include a note about it when you give us a call.

Log home plans need to be arranged so that they reflect what you need. If you have saved for a log cabin for retirement then look forward and think about what your needs could be in 10 or even 20 years. Adding an open loft is much less involved than placing the entire master suite upstairs. And with more than one master suite you are able to choose which floor to call ‘home’.

Cowboy Log Homes

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