Day Two Log Shell Assembly

Bright and early the next morning more logs are being set into place. By dark on the first day the first handcrafted log home truck was totally unloaded and headed back to Canada. Then the second log truck was backed into place, making it ready for the next morning.

The header log over the garage doors has just been set into place. The logs are a total of eight rows high on this part of the house. More logs are being off loaded.

This is the top log of the windows being set into place. This is the bedroom 2 and 3 wing.

And here the log is all the way in position.

One unique feature of this Bear Creek Log Home Plan is the interior log walls. The wall in front of the camera is located between the great room and the master bedroom wing. The opening for the large great room windows is on the extreme left side of the photo. The door opening by the workman is for the front door. And the door way to the right of the photo opens into the master bedroom.

Here are two of the workmen working on the area of the log shell where the back house wall meets the garage wall. This is an interesting feature of this log home. Here we see the log wall of the house and the attached log garage meeting. This photo is taken from the top of the wall and shows how the two bolt together. This slots were predrilled in the yard for this purpose.

And now we can see the second interior log wall. This wall has log archways built over two door openings. The first arch on the left leads into the bedrooms 2 and 3 and the hall bath. The second log archway will be a closet.

The log walls are fully stacked. This photo is taken of the front right corner of the log home. The log roof system is the next step. First the log trusses must be assembled on site. The log king truss is fully precut and ready for assembly.

Here we see the bottom of the truss, the king post, and one of the diagonal supports.


Next the right support is lifted into place.

And set onto the top of the truss.

And finally the completed truss.

Once the truss is erected then it must be bolted together.

This particular log home plan has two king trusses in the great room. Here are both trusses ready to be set onto the log walls.

Here is our first air-born truss. Notice how large this truss is. It fits well with the wide diameter wall logs.

Here is the king truss resting on top of the log walls. I am peeking through the front window opening for this shot.

Notice how tightly the log truss rests on top of the log wall.

Here we have the rear log truss being lifted into place.

For the photo above I am standing in the end of the great room looking towards the front of the home. The king truss is sitting stately above me.

Now the vertical log supports must be installed. The ridge beam and purloins will rest on them.

One purloin and the large ridge beam are in place. Notice how the top of the ridge beam and one side of the purloin are cut at an angle. This is a pitch cut and enables the roof to sit flat against the log surface.

And finally our last log purloin is being placed. This home has an extensive log roof system.

Here we see one of the crew bolting the purloin to the log truss.

By the end of our second log stack day all of the logs are in place. Here I am standing in the great room looking up at this fabulous handcrafted log roof system. And YES this is only DAY 2 of the log stack.

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