Oak Wood Flooring

A nice touch to any log home is the inclusion of hardwood flooring. For this home the owners chose a pre-finished oak flooring 3 1/2″ inches wide. The color is a medium shade which brings out the rich grain of the oak. The hardwood  flooring will be used throughout the home except for the bathrooms, laundry room, and entryways.

October 15th hardwood floor sorted

To keep a random appearance to the floor we first open the flooring bundles and sort the flooring by lengths.  Then we spent quite awhile carefully measuring each room and carefully planning the flow of the flooring. When laying flooring continuously from one room to the next there is no margin of error. If one line is just slightly off the flooring no be laid square with the walls.

october 15th hardwood flooring installed

Once the room is measured then the red underlayment is laid across the floor. Then next step is to begin installing the flooring. Above we can see the west side of the great room is installed first. The area to the right of the photo is located under where the kitchen cabinets will be installed so there is no need for the wood flooring to run all the way to the wall in that section.

october 15th oak wood flooring pattern

Looking straight down at a section of the wood floor we see each end joint of the flooring is randomized.

october hardwood floors dining area

A few weeks have gone by and now the hardwood flooring is complete.  The owners specifically chose to not use ceramic tile in the kitchen and around the back of the island as they did not want an interruption in the wood flooring.

october 15th oak floors master bedroom

And finally we come to the great room. This floor was the last to be installed in the home. After all of the construction dust has been dust mopped away the floors gleam in the late afternoon sun.


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