Cowboy Log Cabins

Sue | February 29th, 2012 - 3:59 pm

When you think of the West certain things are intrinsic to the fabric–  the very essence — of Rocky Mountain places. Cowboys, horses, rustic cabins, wandering rivers, and snow capped peaks all draw us away from our every day existence. With a Cowboy log cabin some of that charm can be captured and transported to where ever you build it.

Some of the most alluring cabins we have on our website, like the Kodiak and the Little Snowy, that look like they are out in the middle of nowhere. The Kodiak was built close to town and the Little Snowy is tucked away in the Rocky Mountains near Big Sky, Montana. But even if you just have a few acres with some trees you can have a feeling of paradise away form the hustle of this world.

little log cabin in the snow

The Little Snowy Log Cabin

Just today I talked with a log home customer who was retiring from a long military career. He and his family desired to be far away from the lights of San Francisco. Instead of a sprawling log home he wanted to go as simple as possible. His ideal log home kit for Montana had a low roof line, covered front porch, and just enough space to be cozy while still drawing you out of doors.

To add some rustic charm to your Cowboy Log Cabin the handcrafted log style is the best. With large hand peeled logs of various diameters, some may even think you built the log cabin yourself. Don’t worry- it can be our secret!

Cowboy Log Cabins can be modified to fit your needs. The standard floor plan is just a place to start. Most commonly we do a custom layout for a customer based on an existing log home plan. There are many small log cabins under 1,500 square feet on our website to choose from.

Much can be done with the decor of the home. The use of leather furniture against wood floors is a nice touch. The appeal of a river rock stone fireplace, but with cultured stone, is less expensive while still giving a solid substantial feel. Trading dimensional railing for handcrafted increases the beauty. Many old cabins in the cowboy movies have Victorian furniture. Throwing in a western saddle slung over the loft railing, dishes with brands on them, and Navajo rugs on the floor and you have my idea of complete enjoyment from Cowboy Log Cabins.

Cowboy Log Homes


Any projected costs, cost estimates, material costs, and estimated construction/ building costs, are only the opinion of Cowboy Log Homes and are drawn from our experience. Every home is custom tailored to meet our individual client's wants and desires. The construction of a log or timber home is based on two primary costs: material provided by the log home company and construction costs contracted with Cowboy Log Homes as the builder or another builder of the customer's choice. Final costs are obtained and contracted with each respectively. Cowboy Log Homes is simply the "glue" that helps bring these two together to provide a final culmination of a customer's project. * Please note photos and elevations may differ some from accompanying floor plans.
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