Construction of Single Level Log Homes

Sue | March 25th, 2012 - 9:24 am

A single level log homes is also referred to as a ‘ranch’. This style is one of the easiest for homeowners to build themselves. A two story roof is more challenging to get up on, as it is higher off of the ground and the roof pitch is usually considerably steeper.

If you want to build a log home yourself then you need to plan a log home that fits within your expertise and abilities. Most single story log cabins have a roof pitch of 5/12 or 6/12 so you are never very high off of the ground. If a cabin has a center section with a higher roof line, such as the the wings on either side makes it easier to reach the higher center section of the roof.

handcrafted log home with prowl

Idaho Log Home Plan

Another benefit of a low roof line is if you have future repairs. In a wind storm worn shingles can get dislodged and blow away. Instead of having to wait for a roofer, the low roof makes it a much less daunting task to get up on.

Hunter log home design

Hunter Log Cabin Design

When building a single level log cabin the logs do not have to be lifted as high into place. A cabin like the Hunter has the top log sitting at about 9 feet. Then the ridge beam is maybe four or five feet above that. A cabin like the  has the ridge pole at around 20 feet in the air.

10 inch log cabin finished

Colt Log Cabin Plan

Staining a log home is not easy when the logs are so tall. When you seal a ranch cabin you may only need to get a 10 foot step ladder out to reach the gable ends. The higher the roof soars overhead the more determination and skill it takes to get all of the crevices and angles sealed properly.

And finally there is foundation considerations. Some people believe it is less expensive to build a two story log cabin than a single level. We have not found this to be the case. Instead we have found the living space of the home to cost the same to finish, regardless of whether it is all on one level or stacked up.

All in all single level log homes are a good choice for those who hate climbing steps, desire to build the cabin themselves, and like a simple home that blends into the landscape.

Cowboy Log Homes

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