Anatomy of Log Homes

Sue | June 2nd, 2014 - 1:57 pm

As you read down through a log home quote you may notice some new words or phrasing that just isn’t familiar to you. Have you ever been puzzled over a term like “gables”, “dormers”, or “soffit”? When buying materials it is helpful if you are knowledgeable about the anatomy of a log home and where each of these pieces fit into your home.

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Gable Ends of Log Homes

The first I want to introduce is gable ends of log homes. A gable end of any home is where the top of the wall stops and the triangular part of the roof starts.  The gable end of this log home is marked with a dashed line.

gable end of log home

Log homes may have several gable ends. This photo shows three gable ends. The more corners a foundation has the more gables the home will have.

three gable ends on log home

Gable Siding for Log Homes

Another term that might seem foreign is gable siding for log homes. We are again referring to the gables of the home. But now we want to look at the materials used to provide the final finish of these areas. There are a few different options for log homes. The home pictured first has 1×10 western red cedar bevel siding on the exterior of the gables. So instead of stacked logs up into the gable ends, this home is constructed with the log wall stacking to about 9 feet and then the gable ends being completed with siding.  Other siding choices include western red cedar shakes, 1×6 tongue and groove, 1×10 Western Red Cedar bevel siding, board and batton, or other styles of wood siding.  This gable end is finished in 1×10 Western Red Cedar bevel siding.

western red cedar bevel siding

Solid Log Gable Ends of Log Homes

Another option for finishing the gable ends of a log home is to stack solid log into the gables. This only works if you are going with a cathedral ceiling in that part of the home. If standard trusses are going to be used then log siding needs to be placed on the outside of the gables. Here is a solid log gable end on a small cabin.

solid log gable end of log home

Dormers of Log Homes

A dormer of a log home is basically a window that is built into the roof line. There are two styles of dormers, the gable dormer and the shed dormer. The gable dormer is shaped like the gable end of the home. Here is a gable dormer.
gable dormer on log homes

The other style of dormer is a shed dormer.

Shed Dormer

Soffit on Log Homes

What is a soffit? Soffit is the material that lines the underside of the roof on the eves, porches,  and overhangs of your home. Soffit is most commonly 1×6 pine tongue and groove or cedar tongue and groove.

soffit on log home gable end

This soffit is 1×8 western red cedar tongue and groove.

log home soffits

Fascia on Log Homes

The fascia boards on a log home are the boards that lay flat against the edge of the roof line.

fascia on log homesSo here are samples with photos of some of the terms most commonly misunderstood in log home anatomy. You will probably find it easier when you are sorting out options and details with us and your builder if you have at least a superficial understanding of some of these. Remember, there are always options but once a home is built some of these options are impossible to change.

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