A Frame Cabin Plans

Sue | February 14th, 2012 - 3:37 pm

A frame log cabin plans have very steep roof lines. The body of the cabin floor plan is entirely contained in the foot print of the A frame. Some traditional A frame designs have the roof line extending all the way to the ground. This strict interpretation of A frame construction is not usually found in log cabins because there is no space for the log corners. Instead, for cabins, the A frame feel and appearance is embraced with the roof line. Then stacked logs are used for the first floor.

chalet log cabin summer

Our cabin plans which fit into the A frame category are the Mule Deer, Cowboy, Juniper, Lodge Pole, Alder, Spruce, and Ponderosa. Also the above cabin can loosely fit into the A Frame style category. On a larger scale, the Chalet plan is sometimes considered an type of A frame.

A frame log cabin designs are typically under 1,000 square feet. The roof pitch is 12/12 or more, depending on the design. Dormers can be added to gain head room in the upper level. Gable or shed dormers accent the roof line while also giving more space on the inside. A gable dormer is a triangular shape while the shed is a single roof line. Below is the Montana log home plan with a 12 foot wide gable dormer.

montana front clh

Another feature found with many A frames is a balcony which is accessed from the second floor of the cabin. These balconies provide a small outdoor area for sitting and relaxing. If the master suite is on the second floor then the master suite can include this private balcony.

Sometimes A frames are referred to as a chalet style home. The roof shape and a wall of trapezoid windows on the front or rear elevation allows sunlight to flood into the cabin. Some chalets have a prow front, such as is found with this deign. The prow extends the front by about six feet.

crystal lake log home front view

For those who like the A frame appearance but need more square footage, there is the option of adding a wing on one or both sides of the cabin. The Zephyr plan is an example of this. The angled A frame center is 9×12. The great room is on the first floor in the center section. The open loft is in the great room section above the kitchen. The wings to one side that contains the bedrooms.

So A frame cabin plans can be more inclusive than just a simple A frame roof. Use your imagination. Feel free to design your own floor plan. We are happy to provide a quote off of any sketch.

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