Douglas Fir Log Roof Beam

These are two of our log home craftsman working hard at work building dreams. These are Douglas Fir roof beams being set into place an custom notched. The logs are always handled with slings and not tongs. This prevents marking and scarring to the logs. The draw knife marks are visible on the logs from the hand sanding. The upright main support post on the left side of the photo is squared. The log rafter behind the workman on the left has the roof pitch cut completed (log is flat on top). Just the erection of a log shell and the handcrafting of all parts can take several months of work in our yard. For example a 4,200 square foot log home can take 12 to 15 weeks to craft based on how many upgrades, such as extensive log truss work, a customer chooses. Cowboy Log Homes

Album: Construction Log & Timber Homes
Date: October 4th, 2010