Handcrafted Log Shell 6th Row

As the weeks continue the log shell is gaining in height. Crafting of the log shell began around April 5th, so this is about six weeks into  production. The sixth row is being set into place.

The photo above is of the front right side of the log shell. The kitchen wall can be seen through the opening to the right of the ladder. The logs on the corners have been left extended out so the curve can be cut in.

Here is the front of the great room. If you look closely you will see a slight shaved area on the right side of the second log from the bottom. This is where an outlet box will be cut into the shell.

This angle is of the front of the garage. The wide openings are for the garage doors. The door opening in the rear will open outside to the rear patio. The door opening to the right is for the laundry room.

This photo is of the inside of the great room looking out the large windows. If you look closely you will see a flattened area on the wall behind the ladder. That is where the fireplace will be. Also there is a row of log ends protruding out of the wall. This is where the logs for the bedroom wing ties into the house.

This photo shows and up close look at the log ends. Notice the v groove shape at the end of the logs. Also the SofRod Insulating Gasket can be seen protruding from the edge of each side of the  v groove scrbe channel. This helps to further seal the home against the elements.

The diamond saddle notch corner is tight scribed together. Notice the absence of gaps between the logs. This is so impressive and also takes a lot of skill and time to achieve.

The log shell will finish at either 9 or 10 rounds of logs. Then the post and beam roof system has to be put into place. The door and window openings must be finished and the logs hand sanded.

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